This Nonprofit Offers Veterans and Spouses Free IT Training and Certification

(Acronis SCS)

Acronis SCSVets may not be a household name, but it could soon become one for military personnel about to leave the service, veterans and even their families. It's a nonprofit organization that trains military-connected people in the latest technologies while helping place them in new careers.

Attending the six- to 18-month program is free for vets and military family members, no matter where in the United States they might live. And it helps them find a job once their training is finished.

The U.S. information technology sector is set for massive growth in 2021, according to corporate consulting giant Deloitte. Important skills in cloud computing, network analysis and cybersecurity will be more in-demand than ever before, says Deloitte Vice Chairman Paul Silverglate.

But there won't be enough recent college graduates to fill that demand, so reskilling employees will be a critical aspect of meeting those needs. Acronis SCSVets offers veterans a way to get one of 500,000 unfilled IT jobs.

The nonprofit places eligible applicants into training and certification programs offered by accredited providers. This means that all of the training received through Acronis SCSVets classes can be credited toward a traditional college education later. But the training will also provide all the skills necessary to get a job in information technology.

Acronis SCSVets teams up with partners across the country to provide education and certification training, so the classes could be held at any local college or university, removing geographical barriers for military-connected individuals.

After a quick review, applicants are placed into one of four career areas -- help desk technician, network analyst, cyber analyst and cloud architect -- before the nonprofit develops their training regimen. A program will be set up, and training can begin.

Graduates will be able to boast what the organization called "stacked" certifications, including expertise in internationally recognized CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+,

Windows 10, and Acronis SCS credentials.

The program is a job pipeline for veterans and family members who graduate. From the day they begin the training, Acronis SCSVets provides participants with a range of job placement and social service programs. These include resume writing workshops, mock interviews, financial literacy resources, career exploration guidance, and access to industry professionals -- all designed to ensure trainees' success.

As graduation nears, students will discuss their career aspirations and options with industry leaders in the areas where they live. They are then provided with apprenticeship opportunities and even recruiting agencies for their career field.

There are zero out-of-pocket expenses for those who attend. Acronis SCSVets partners with the military, Department of Veterans Affairs and state workforce development agencies to cover the costs. Any expenses that remain are covered by the nonprofit.

To learn more about the program and to apply, visit Applicants will usually receive a call from the Acronis SCSVets staff within one business day.

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