How Veterans Can Get the Best Defense Industry Jobs

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"The defense industry? It's the Easy Button," one of my military transition clients told me the other day. "It makes the most sense. Everything I know is about the military and how it works. The military is their No. 1 customer. I think I would be useful."

Useful? Yes. Successful? Sure. Easy? Not exactly. According to the LinkedIn Veteran Opportunity Report, veterans are, in fact, most likely to get hired by the defense and space industry or by the federal government. Many veterans even find meaningful work through a job in defense.

Yet as's transition master coach, I can tell you that getting hired in the defense industry is not quite as easy as it looks. Defense contractors tell me they are swamped with applications and resumes from new veterans and military spouses, but they can't find the qualified job candidates they want.

Getting Hired by Defense Contractors Is Not Easy

Getting hired by the defense industry is not difficult because you lack qualifications. I work with enormously qualified veteran job seekers like you every single week. The problem is that we military folks miss the job cues that defense contractors are sending, mostly because of a lack of direct experience with the norms of the hiring process.

I see how it is so easy for even the most qualified veterans and spouses to make mistakes with their resumes, security clearance, networking or in interview questions, making the hiring manager doubt you could get the job done. These mistakes are so easily fixed with the right directions on the right level. I know just how to help you.

FREE Master Class: Find Defense Contractor Jobs

That is why I am so glad to announce that is offering its FREE Veteran Employment Project Master Class, "Find Defense Contractor Jobs." The class will be offered live on Thursday, June 23, at 4 p.m. EST.

Instead of giving you the basic directions of finding and applying to jobs in the defense industry that you already know, I will pass along all the insider knowledge you need to get your next high-impact job. In this 60-minute class, you will learn:

  1. What kind of skills defense contractors are looking for, and what they pay.
  2. How to know whether you will be happy with a defense job and where it will lead.
  3. How to network into a defense job without asking, begging or hinting for a job.
  4. How to shape your resume and LinkedIn so you attract a recruiter fast.

When you are looking for the best place to contribute your skills and talents after a military career, the defense industry might be a great destination. Let us give you the skills you need to find your job fast.

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