Top 10 Jobs for Candidates with Disabilities

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People with disabilities may have trouble finding work. There are a lot of stigmas attached to various disabilities, and that might be compounded by your status as a veteran. If you fit either or both of these two categories, chances are you've experienced it already. But, according to the Disability Network, thanks to amendments to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, employers will be opening more jobs for people with disabilities. The changes now require employers to, by law, ensure that at least 7% of their workforce are disabled. With this great news in mind, read on for the top 10 jobs for candidates with disabilities.

1. Accountant/Auditor – Working on your personal budget and taxes can be a headache, and few people have the savvy to tackle the finances of an entire company. If you have the gumption to get the proper training and certification, finding work as an accountant or auditor can be lucrative and accessible.

Average Annual Income: $67,190

2. Financial Analyst – If you enjoy working with numbers and money, becoming a financial analyst may be the right path for you. Juggling the income and investments of an entire company can be very rewarding, and this relatively open industry requires the right education.

Average Annual Income: $76,950

3. Management Consultant – Working in the military gave you a unique perspective on chain command. Chances are you saw plenty that worked and plenty that didn't work, and that experience can help you become a management consultant. These analysts identify how an company can optimize how it structures and organizes itself, and they get paid well while doing it.

Average Annual Income: $81,320

4. Market Research Analyst – Understanding market trends are a critical element in the lifeblood of major companies. Some of them thrive off of creating products and services that target specific audiences, and knowing what they want and how they want it is a valuable skill.

Average Annual Income: $62,230

5. Pharmaceutical Sales – Medicine is a commodity in the U.S., which means each one needs to be branded, labeled, and pitched to medical doctors and storefronts everywhere. Working on the sales end of the pharmaceutical industry requires energy, high social intelligence, and business skills. If you can put all of those together, you'll be on the right track.

Average Annual Income: $59,080

6. Pharmacy Technician – Everyone needs to pick up their medication somewhere, and pharmacies are the place to do it. Whether you're working out of a major store or something smaller, the job is supremely important as errors can be harmful if not life threatening. Working with medication requires medical knowledge, diligence, and attention to detail.

Average Annual Income: $33,060

7. Physician Assistant – Taking care of people requires a lot of work, and a physician assistant makes sure that the frontline load is taken care of. Diagnosing, setting broken bones, prescribing medicine, and issuing immunizations are all part of the job. Physician assistants require a higher education which can be expensive, but the income will make up for it over time, and the work can be very rewarding.

Average Annual Income: $104,760

8. Software Engineer – Most jobs in the tech industry only require the right brain power, and that includes software engineer. Software engineers analyze the needs of users and create solutions to fulfill them. This job requires math, logic, and the ability to understand code.

Average Annual Income: $91,608

9. Vocational Counselor – Understanding the complexities of searching for a job is difficult: markets are always in flux, and job-search trends change almost as fast as technology does. If you've put hours of time and effort into searching for work, you may just be on your way to becoming a vocational counselor. These individuals work with other son how to identify, train for, and obtain vocational jobs.

Average Annual Income: $56,490

10. Wholesale Sales Representative – Companies that produce goods need experts who can market and ship them out to buyers. If you have the personality and business savvy to get that done, becoming a wholesale sales representative would be a great job for you. It doesn't take astronomical amounts of charisma, but being a people person definitely helps. Your job will be to link a product with buyers, and each one will have a big impact on how well the company performs.

Average Annual Income: $74,970

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