Top 10 Companies Hiring Part-Time Workers

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It's sometimes better to get a part-time job over a full-time position. If you're in school, you'll need income but time to study. If you're transitioning, a part-time job will help you get by until you find a position in your field of expertise.

Regardless of the reason, it's important that you go into a job search armed with as much knowledge as you can glean. Monroe Patch recently posted a list of the top 10 companies hiring part-time workers, so check them out below and keep them in mind when you send resumes out into the world.

1. Liberty Tax Service

Liberty Tax Service focuses on helping low-income employees and small businesses. Employees sounding off on Glassdoor have generally positive things to say, and considering Liberty Tax has thousands of branches all over the world, a job there will most likely be secure and rewarding.

  • Part-time openings: 5,114

2. Macy's

Selling midrange clothing and home furnishing products has worked out for Macy's for about 150 years. Employees tend to view the company favorably, and there are branches all over the United States. While many part-time positions are available, if you need something even more temporary, Macy's often hires holiday positions that can lead to more permanent work.

  • Part-time openings: 3,605

3. MarketSource Jobs

Sales and marketing jobs require a personable demeanor and a can-do attitude. If that describes you and you need a part-time job, check out MarketSource jobs. The company is headquartered in Georgia and helps more than 200 companies worldwide with sales, training and marketing solutions.

  • Part-time openings: 2,919

4. Vector Marketing

If you know anything about knives or just know how to close a deal, Vector Marketing is looking for you. Vector Marketing is owned by Cutco, a cutlery company that specializes in knives and other utensils.

  • Part-time openings: 1,982

5. Avon Independent Sales

Managing yourself and setting up your own sales schedule can be intimidating, but rewarding. Avon Independent Sales is looking for individuals who are willing to get out into the world and represent its cosmetics and beauty care products.

  • Part-time openings: 1,578

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6. Acosta Sales & Marketing

It's important to understand exactly what a company is offering before accepting a job with them. Acosta is ideal for individuals who need flexible hours, but not for those who are trying to start a career. The company specializes in fast-food marketing and sales, so make sure your taste buds and vocal cords are in prime condition.

  • Part-time openings: 1,426

7. UnitedHealth Group

Employees of UnitedHealth Group have noted that the company offers a good balance between work and personal life. UHG specializes in health insurance services, so if you're trying to land a career relating to accounting or economics, this will provide you with job-related experience, as well as time to pursue personal education goals.

  • Part-time openings: 1,228

8. Bon Secours Health System

Supplying developing nations with hospitals and health care is a noble goal, and Bon Secours focuses on just that. Part of the Roman Catholic ministries, Bon Secours provides more than 4,400 licensed acute-care beds in nations such as Peru.

  • Part-time openings: 772

9. Bayada Home Health Care

Those with a gut instinct for care and benevolence should check out Bayada Home Health Care. The company provides nursing, therapy, hospice and other types of in-home care. Employees review Bayada positively, and each position provides experience in the health-care industry.

  • Part-time openings: 738

10. Murphy USA

A growing company, Murphy USA is owned by Murphy Oil Corporation and operates in 23 states. It provides high-volume, low-cost gas at Walmart and Murphy Express centers. Working with Murphy will provide customer service experience and flexible hours.

  • Part-time openings: 726

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