Veterans Training Fund Aims to Help Vets Get Hired in Vegas

Genghis Cohen is the founder of Machine Guns Vegas and the Veterans Training Fund.

Genghis Cohen and Tim Larkin are co-owners of Machine Guns Vegas and founders of Veterans Training Fund, an organization that aims to train veterans for the tourism, security, corporate team building and firearms safety industries, and introduce them to the advantages of living in Las Vegas.

Cohen is a veteran of the Royal New Zealand Army who built a career in the Vegas nightlife industry before starting MGV with Larkin, who's a U.S. Navy veteran and former intelligence officer known for his Target Focus Training self-defense program.

"Veterans Training Fund's executive board are mostly owners of attractions on the Strip that consistently hire veterans and have seen, firsthand, the value in providing job opportunities for individuals that have served our nation who have a sort of innate respect, appreciation and discipline. The return on investment for us is there before we start; VTF just gives the veterans the tools and opportunities they need to succeed," Cohen said.

In addition to Machine Guns Vegas, some of the city's highest-profile adventure attractions are partners in the VTF.

Exotics Racing offers supercar racing experiences in both Vegas and Los Angeles. (We met a few veterans who worked at the Vegas location when we visited a couple of years ago for a "Transformers" movie event.)

Maverick Helicopter runs flying tours in Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and on the island of Maui, Hawaii.

Sky Combat Ace simulates the fighter pilot experience with stunt planes over the Nevada desert.

VTF is a 501-C charity and provides scholarships to veterans who intensively train in its programs. They're looking to help men and women find new careers that incorporate their military training in ways they might not have considered before.

Check out the program at the organization's website.

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