Veteran Entrepreneur Profile: John Lee Dumas

Here at we write on how to translate your skills to the civilian job market, ways to revise your resume, and sector specific advice, all with the goal of helping you to achieve your goals in the transition from military to civilian.

One man who has done just that is entrepreneur and podcaster, John Lee Dumas.

Who is John Lee Dumas?

  • John served in the Army for approximately 8 years, including a 13-month tour of duty in Iraq as an Armor Platoon Leader, tanks (including his time in the reserves).
  • He went to law school, but soon found it wasn't for him. He then tried finance, then a tech start-up, then left that to do some soul-searching.
  • He then moved to San Diego and got involved in Real Estate.
  • As you can see, John served as a prime example of a veteran who was struggling to find his passion.

How Did John Get Involved in Podcasts?

  • When he found his way to San Diego, John spent a lot of time in the car, where he started listening to podcasts, such as NPR.
  • Soon his passion for listening to podcasts introduced him to Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income and Cliff Ravenscraft's Answer Man podcasts. He was hooked, and realized there might be something he could do in this world.
  • Sitting back and considering the podcast market, John realized that none were offering daily content. Most were once a week, but for people who listen to podcasts all the time, it wasn't enough.
  • Hence, his podcast was born.

Entrepreneur on Fire

  • When approaching the idea of doing his own podcast, John knew he loved interviews and learning about entrepreneurship. This would be his show -- interviews with entrepreneurs, discussing their success, failures, and lessons learned.
  • The podcast launched on September 22, 2012.
  • There have been numerous guests on the show by this point, including fellow entrepreneur and podcaster Tom Morkes (Army veteran), founder of Antonio Centeno (Marine Corps veteran),  and such well-known names as Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income) and Tim Ferris (4-Hour Workweek).

Was it Successful?

  • By December 2013 they already had 400 episodes, and John had his first $100,000-income month. Within the following year, he had his first $200,000-income month, and he has gone on to do even better. Not bad!
  • The podcast led to various spin-off podcasts, courses, and elite mastermind groups.
  • Today John is extremely well known and well liked, especially in the veteran and podcaster communities.
  • The podcast now has almost 1500 episodes, and John is living happy.

What We Can Learn from John

While not all of us have to achieve this level of financial success to be successful in our civilian careers, it is inspiring to watch one veteran's journey as he followed his dream. Whether your dream is to host podcasts, drive trucks, or be a lawyer, it's all about finding that passion and putting your all into pursuing it. As you do, you might want to consider listening to podcasts on transition or whatever it is that inspires and educates you and fits your tastes.

There is a wealth of information out there, and at least in the podcast world, it's free. Use all resources at your disposal as you pursue your dream.

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