Transition Podcasts Provide Guidance for Your Job Hunt

Scott Fussell and Byron Chen talk military transition
Scott Fussell and Byron Chen talk military transition

Transition Videos Provide Guidance for Your Civilian Days

Scott Fussell of and Byron Chen of recently teamed up to create a series of podcasts to help military veterans through the transition process. These two have talked to their fair share of veterans through their veteran transition podcasts, and successfully gone through the transition podcasts themselves.

The Web Videos

Advice for Veterans: What You Need to Know About Salary Negotiation

  • In the first video, Byron Chen expands on the information covered in his book, Barracks to Boardrooms, discussing how to look at the position description and other ways to assess what you can ask for regarding salary negotiations.
  • Byron wrote an article about this topic here at

NOTE: The videos on Youtube won't be the same as watching them on Blab, becauase on Blab you'll see the additional conversation happening in the discussion box.


Advice for Veterans: Interviewing, Networking, and Job Searching

  • With guest Amanda Veinott of Miligistix, the group discusses what skills transfer from the military and what don't. They also talk working with coaches, expectations, and what recruiters are really looking for.



Advice for Transitioning Veterans: Career & Personal Finance Advice

  • With guest Nick Bradfield of Divvy Investments, the guys discuss such issues as 401K, employee stock options, and more.


Veterans in Transition Q&A

  • In the Q&A video, the guys discuss how to be prepared for interviews, both from an interviewee and interviewer perspective, how to get specific in your interview answers, and more issues related to the transition.



The videos and links to sign up for future videos can be found on the Command Your Business website.

The Podcasts

Both the Command Your Business and Success Vets podcasts are focused on the transition process, interviewing veterans who have done so successfully, as well as inspirational stories.

Recent guests on the Command Your Business podcast include Larry Broughton (Broughton Hotels), Ken Robbins of (Agent Hero), and Justin Constantine of (Leadership Consultant and Speaker). Recent guests on SuccessVets include Robert Gowin (finding mentors), Paul Dillon (consulting), and Charlie Linville (climbing Everest as an amputee).


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