Top 10 Worst Jobs in 2016

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In a recent article, I saw that the military was listed as number 5 on the "Top 10 Worst Jobs of 2016." While this may not surprise some of you, I look back fondly on my last couple of years in, when I was enjoying my time as a Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor, and receiving BAH. Of course, if you only looked at my first year or two in, I would rank the experience as probably the worst job, so it's relative. It's also worth noting that the criteria for this ranking (by and based on Department of Labor statistics) included environment, income, outlook, and stress.

Let's take a look at what other careers joined the military in this list of "Top 10 Worst Jobs."

1. Newspaper reporter: This made the top of the list due to the decline in traditional media. It made the top of the list with a median salary of $37,200 and a growth outlook of -9 percent.   2. Logger: As less paper is being used for media (among other reasons), the logging industry has taken a hit. This profession came in second "worst" with a median salary of $35,160 and a growth outlook of -4 percent. Loggers have a high stress factor and dangerous work environments (though I wonder how either of those criteria can be up there with the military).

3. Broadcaster: Media made the third slot as well as the first, with a decline in broadcaster jobs. Broadcasters have a median salary of $37,200 and a growth outlook of -9 percent.

4. Disc jockey: Likely due to the increase in podcasts and  streaming services, the disc jockey is yet another media job on the decline, with a median salary of $29,010 and a growth outlook of -11 percent.

5. Enlisted military personnel: The list included high stress and low pay as reasons the military made number five, but did not explain how the media jobs scored worse. Being in the military had the highest-stress job score, at 72.74, a median salary of $27,936, and growth outlook of "N/A".

6. Pest control worker: The work environment rating brought this profession to the list, with a median salary of $30,660 and growth outlook of -1 percent.

7. Retail sales personnel: Apparently dealing with customers and intense work schedules make retail sales personnel pretty stressed out. The worst part about this job market seems to be the median salary of $21,670, though on the plus side the occupation has a growth outlook of 7 percent.

8. Advertising sales person: While people in this role have a median salary of $47,890, their growth rate is -3 percent and their jobs can be very high stress.

9. Taxi driver: It's not likely that anyone is surprised by taxi driver making the list. Dealing with people AND traffic seems like the perfect recipe for stress, and now you have Uber and Lyft coming in as competition. Taxi drivers have a median salary of $23,210, and a growth outlook of 13 percent.

10. Firefighter: This job is very high-stress, as you can imagine saving lives would be. We were surprised to learn that firefighters have a median salary of only $45,970, which is good for this list, but not enough in our opinion for what they do (on that note, none of these salaries are). Firefighters have a 5 percent growth outlook.

What can veterans take away from this? If your job in the military is considered one of the top ten worst jobs, then you will probably do pretty well no matter where you go. Take pleasure in the fact that it's all downhill from here (unless you're aiming for a job in the first four categories, that is). If that is the case, at least now you know what you are getting into.

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