Three Top Ways to Narrow Your Job Search

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It's not uncommon to hear stories about job seekers firing off dozens of job applications every day for months to no avail. While this approach can yield results, it's by far not an effective way to find a job. The most ironclad method is to network, but that requires a lot of time, patience, and luck. While it's not impossible to find a job from your computer, it can be very challenging.

One of the strongest ways to increase your chances at landing a job with a cold application online is to simply narrow down your application spread. Instead of handing out a filled application to every single company you can find, be more selective about where you apply and how you do it. If you're tired of sending out countless resumes, consider making these three alterations to your job search based on a piece from the Financial Post.

Don't Try to Fit All Requirements

Think you're qualified for a job but don't match all the requirements? Don't fret, apply anyway. Most companies list ideal qualifications, not a comprehensive list of must-haves. If you're strong in other ways, you may be able to compensate for whatever requirement on the list you don't fit. Don't take this as a license to apply to even more jobs, use it to focus on jobs you actually want. It takes time and energy to consider how you can compensate for lacking certain desired skills, so don't waste your precious time on sectors you have no interest in.

Evaluate the Company Culture

It may be difficult to think about if you really need a job, but take a critical look at a company's culture. What do they value? What are the employees like? What kind of management technique does everyone use? There are tons of factors that can make or break your experience. If you get the job then hate working in that office, you've ended up back at square one. Try to avoid companies with values and a workplace culture that you know won't resonate with your personality. Of course, everyone should have some tolerance for less-than-ideal, but you don't want to find yourself hating everyone who works at your company.

Follow Every Instruction on the Job Listing

Do you really need to follow those almost nonsensical details in a job application? Absolutely yes. Companies need weed out applicants who aren't right for the job, and one convenient way of doing that is including small details about how to apply within the job posting. If someone doesn't follow those instructions, then the rest of their application will likely get chucked. If you can't follow all the rules on a job application, what will companies believe about your ability to follow instructions? Paying attention to details will take more time, but if you set your sights high, it will be time well spent. Don't treat your applications like they're on an assembly line, or else you might miss a critical note.

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