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How often have you thought about your transition into the civilian world, daydreamed about your ideal non-military career and even talked to your fellow Marines, Soldiers or Shipmates about what you want your life to be outside of your military service – only to have the daily rigors of your current assignment take over and you lose focus on your next steps? Ideas absent action are merely theories.

For a successful transition to occur, simply, you must act. Taking that first step can be daunting. But the good news is that with each step you take, the task ahead will seem more doable.

Start with just 15 minutes. When you feel overwhelmed by the enormity of starting a new career – let’s face it, a new life - don’t tell yourself that you are going to try to tackle the entire job search (and all of the details that entails) in one sitting. You’ll just sit starring ahead paralyzed by all there is to get done. Instead, tell yourself that you will commit to working hard – perhaps simply identifying the particular skill sets that you want to highlight on your resume – for just the next 15 minutes. Dive in and get going. A small investment of time can bring you a lot of clarity about what to do next. For example, simply by taking a few minutes to identify your top skill sets, you can narrow down the job titles or companies that you want to target.

Commit small amounts of time each day. Transition is a process. And it is going to take daily efforts to get you where you want to be. Your job search, the selection of your next home and logistics of your end of service move – all of these details need your time and attention. Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed. Small efforts daily will produce successful results.

Don’t get discouraged. Every transition effort might not be successful at first – especially when it comes to your job search. Take each step as is comes. A good interview might not lead to an eventual job offer. Don’t let that get you down. Look at it as good practice and use it as a confidence builder for the next interview that will land you the job you seek.

In short, don’t let the enormity of what lies ahead paralyze you into inaction. Jump in and get your feet wet. When you take the initiative to push past your comfort-zone and take action, you will become increasingly confident in your abilities and amazed at your results. Good luck with the next steps in your transition.

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