The Next "Greatest Generation" Looking for Jobs

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We've all heard the phrase "The Greatest Generation," referring to servicemembers who served in World War II and helped preserve liberty around the world. Now there's a "new" Greatest Generation, according to Time magazine, with combat veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan entering the workforce. The latest cover of Time features five veterans -- Liz Young McNally, Wes Moore, John Gallina, Dale Beatty and Paul Rieckhoff -- who are making an impact in their civilian work. For more details on what these veterans, and many others are doing, Rieckhoff, a regular contributor to, wrote a recent piece about the value these veterans bring, and the story that Time created about their efforts. Currently there are 2.3 million veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, but the major story -- and potential tragedy -- is that veterans' unemployment continues to rise, along with mental health concerns and homelessness. We cover these issues here in the Veteran Jobs Center and elsewhere on the site, but the message is clear: veterans everywhere need support as they ready themselves to contribute to the U.S. workforce and economy.

Be sure to read Paul Rieckhoff's piece, and do your part by encouraging our public representatives to support programs that provide support and gain jobs for veterans. has a legislative center where you can contact your local politician and make your voice be heard.

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