T.A.P. Into Your Transitioning Goals

Reentry into the civilian workforce - and way of life - might seem like a culture shock. But, if you arm yourself with the tools to transition successfully, you won't experience any turbulence. The best weapon you have in your transitioning process is the Transition Assistance Program (TAP). The U.S. Departments of Labor, Defense, Homeland Security and Veterans Affairs created TAP to meet the needs of transitioning servicemembers. Those needs can range from job search assistance to assessing personal goals. What's more, this program provides employment and training information to servicemembers and their eligible spouses within 180 days of separation or retirement. Do you need TAP? Although veterans have a favorable employment rate, many veterans find it difficult to compete in the civilian job market, reports the DOL. TAP is a necessary part of the transitioning process and can address the barriers to success and will alleviate many employment-related difficulties. Benefits of TAP TAP offers a comprehensive three-day workshop at selected military installations world-wide. Professionally-trained facilitators from the State Employement Services, military family support services, DOL contractors, or VETS staff present the workshops. Workshop attendees learn how to maximize job searches, career decision-making, current occupational and labor market conditions, resume and cover letter preparation, and interviewing techniques. Participants are also provided with an evaluation of their employability relative to the job market and receive information on the most current veterans' benefits. When servicemembers attend TAP classes they will receive the following:
  • A personal appraisal.
  • The opportunity to explore career options.
  • Strategies for an effective job search.
  • Enhanced interviewing skills
  • Review job offers
  • Support and assistance
TAP gives you the advantage TAP participants will leave the program with valuable training and information that will give them an edge over other applicants. Additionally, TAP helps servicemembers and their spouses make the initial transition from military service to civilian workplace simple. What's more, an independent national evaluation of the program estimated that service members that participated in TAP, on average found their first post-military job three weeks sooner than those that did not use TAP, reports the DOL. For more transitioning tips, visit the Military.com Transition Center.
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