MBAs Help Veterans Earn a Bigger Salary

The world of work has changed over the last 20 years, and many open positions in corporate America require that applicants have a bachelor's degree or higher to even apply. Many civilians may think that they have the edge over veterans in this respect. But if you're one of the many servicemembers with a college degree, seeking a master's, you're head and shoulders above the competition, and stand to earn a higher salary. Veterans Storm MBA Programs Many former servicemembers have realized that a MBA makes them a preferred job candidate over the civilian counterparts and have enrolled, in record numbers, to business schools. In fact, a recent survey found business schools have seen 49 percent growth in enrollment from students with a military background this year. The highest enrollment numbers are seen at the University of Virginia, Darden School of Business, and Vanderbilt's Graduate School of Management. "We've seen a sharp increase in the number of applications over the last three years, and inquiries are up again this year," says Reggie Webb, from UVA-Darden Admissions and Development in a PRNewswire report. Webb continues to explain that veterans who enroll in MBA programs have the leadership and management skills necessary to succeed in these highly competitive programs. John Roder, director of Admissions from Vanderbilt's MBA program agrees. "The leadership and cultural understanding demonstrated by these students, impacts the classroom and enhances the learning environment for the entire student body," says Roder. Servicemembers with MBAs Earn More Once servicemembers graduate with an MBA, they can demand an average annual salary of $109,720, according to MilitaryMBA.Net. That's more than what the average MBA graduates makes in their first year out of school - $92,360. How to find Business Schools If you're ready to get your master's degree, you can look for schools on's School Finder. Or, you can use the Veterans Career Network to find other servicemembers who may have the master's degree to get their input on a school that interests you. For more information about educational opportunities or careers, visit
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