Find a Mentor While Seeking Civilian Employment

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It can be disheartening once you have exited the military and find yourself as a veteran in the civilian world. You may miss that brotherhood that comes with being in the military, and the way in which everyone watched out for everyone. When looking into civilian employment, you may feel as though you are tackling this hurdle on your own, but you do not have to do this on your own. Many veterans are getting into the civilian world and coping with this by having a mentor. And there are plenty of places that you can find a mentor or simply find other veterans in your area that can become good friends.


The VFW, which stands for Veterans of Foreign Wars, is a great way to meet other veterans in your local area. Almost every state and city has several branches of the VFW that are around for veterans to join. Not only are you going to meet other veterans who are older and have made a success in the civilian world, but they have programs to help you adjust to civilian life. For example, they have job employment assistance to help get you in contact with who you need to talk to, as well as preparation for taking college exams for civilian employment at a later date. Many veterans who join find friends and mentors in several members, and have gotten their assistance at getting employment.

Veteran Mentor Network

This is a fairly new group that is located on LinkedIn and is a private network to join. Those who join are veterans and others who are helping veterans to reach their civilian career goals. Those who join are connected with others across the nation who are looking for employment, or employers looking to hire vets with certain skills. It can be a great way to not only find employment, but to connect with someone who has been in your shoes and can help mentor you through this process.

American Corporate Partners

This group is a non-profit organization with the goal of helping veterans find civilian employment through mentorships and connecting them with veteran friendly businesses throughout the nation. Their mentoring program helps a veteran apply for college, as well as networking the veteran with those who can be helpful in job placement.

The American Legion

The American Legion is mostly known for their contributions to society, and this is a great group for a veteran to get involved in. Though they do not specifically state that they are about mentoring veterans into finding employment, those who are members can be of great assistance in adapting to civilian life. In many cases, they have networked individuals with others who have helped with finding a job, even though this may not have been the goal of the veteran.

The Military-Civilian Career Coaching Connection (MC4)

This group is also found on LinkedIn and is a private group to join. These mentors that are on the site to help are civilians and are screened before they are allowed to help. They help the veteran in seeking a job, getting their resume perfect, and basically giving them advice on what they should be doing. It can be a great resource for those who are looking to find employment in the civilian world.

For every veteran that is seeking employment in the civilian world, a mentor can be a way to have success with whatever job he or she may be wanting. In addition, they are going to learn valuable information that is going to help them get a job even sooner, and perhaps find one in which they will be happier with.

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