Famous Veterans: George Steinbrenner

George Steinbrenner Baseball Executive, Businessman         George SteinbrennerGeorge Steinbrenner was born in Rocky River, Ohio on July 4, 1930. He enlisted in the Air Force in 1952 after graduating from Williams College. He served as an aide to the commanding general at Lockbourne AFB in Ohio. He was responsible for setting up athletic programs and sporting events. After the Air Force, Steinbrenner worked in college football, as an assistant coach at Northwestern and Purdue. He later joined the family business, American Shipbuilding Company, and made a fortune. He bought the New York Yankees in 1973. Steinbrenner's time with the Yankees has been marked by both controversy and unprecedented success. The Yankees remain the most successful baseball team in America, and have won seven World Series Championships since Steinbrenner came aboard. But Steinbrenner was suspended for bad behavior from 1990 to 1992. Yankee's captain and short stop, Derek Jeter, called Steinbrenner "arguably the most recognized owner in all of sports" in a New York Times report. Steinbrenner died July 13, 2010.
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