10 Must-Read Books on Military Transition

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While you probably have all the information you could possibly want for your transition needs right here on Military.com, sometimes you like holding a book in your hands. We get that. Reading the guidance in the form of a book clicks for certain people. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of books related to military transition (along with some reader feedback on these books from Amazon.com) that should be very useful to you on your journey into the civilian world.

The Military Advantage, by Terry Howell

Sure, we’re a little biased, but we recommend The Military Advantage, the Military.com guide to military and veteran benefits. The book is updated annually and covers scholarships, educational benefits, home loan guarantees, military discounts and more. Reviewers refer to it as "a terrific resource " and "a single reference book with essential information for all service members."

Your Next Mission, by Lida D. Citroen

Your Next Mission is a branding guide for the military to civilian transition, and helps to clarify the job search process for veterans. The book includes interviews with business executives, transitioned veterans, and veteran advocates. Those who have reviewed the book say that they enjoy the exercises included, and the straightforward approach that the book takes to helping build your brand.

Barracks to Boardrooms, by Byron Y. Chen

Barracks to Boardrooms is a guide for negotiating salary after the military.  The book addresses concerns related to salary negotiations, such as ensuring you negotiate in a way that doesn't cost you the job or negatively affect your relations with the company or hiring manager. Reviewers say they've used the book for successful bonus and commission negotiations, and note it is valuable no matter what stage of your career you are in.

Out of Uniform, by Thomas Wolfe

Out of Uniform covers the "nuts and bolts" of the career search for veterans, including how to prepare a resume and prepare for the interview process. The book discusses the various types of interviews, and is meant to also help with the mental process involved in the job search. Reviewers say they continue to find it useful even after they have been out of uniform for some time, and add that it's "a must have for anyone in the service even remotely considering separation or retirement."

PCS to Corporate America, by Roger Cameron, Chuck Alvarez, and Joel Junker

PCS to Corporate America is a workbook and a reference book that analyzes the array of questions you may find in an interview. It offers advice for adapting your military background into a company's culture, and provides tips on resumes, dress, and more. Reviewers of this book say it's a great reference for officers (as the target is the Junior Military Officer), though say most of the content is helpful regardless of rank or status.

Networking for Veterans, by Michael L Faulkner, Andrea Nierenberg, and Michael Abrams

Networking for Veterans claims to be the first transition book written by an Iraq or Afghanistan veteran, and specializes in networking for returning veterans. The book covers networking advice such as how to overcome the fear of communicating, how to build a network of contacts, and more. Reviewers say this book does a wonderful job of taking the advice above what is provided in military separation courses, and the book's advice is more targeted to veterans than what you would receive in school.

Down Range, by James D. Murphy and William M. Duke

Down Range is a guide to developing a post-military career. It focuses on the short and the long term, and covers developing a career plan, how businesses differ from the military, and how to take action to achieve your career goals. Each chapter ends with a debriefing section. Reviewers say it's an especially useful resource for veterans who have spent their lives in the military, who may feel overwhelmed with the lack of a straight-forward career track in the civilian world.

Military to Federal Career Guide, by Kathryn Troutman

Military to Federal Career Guide had to be included in this list, considering the high number of veterans that go government. The book covers resume and interview tips tailored to attaining a government job, along with samples for you to work with. Reviewers have pointed out the books case studies as especially helpful, and say they have seen real-world results after applying the lessons from this book.

Military Veterans in Creative Careers, by Justin Sloan

Military Veterans in Creative Careers provides advice for veterans interested in pursuing their creative passions when they exit the military. In addition to advice on breaking into television, movies, video games, and publishing, the book includes interviews with working veterans in these sectors. The book was written by the author of this article, and shares its name with a podcast that covers the same topics. Reviewers say that this book is great for veterans and non-veterans alike, and provides "incredible insight and inspiration."  


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