Top Four Degrees for the Next Decade

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Picking the right degree is important, especially if you're concerned about job security in the future. Some degrees lead to occupations that may flounder in the coming years while others lead to jobs that are slated to be in demand. Yahoo News analyzed employment projections through 2020 and came up with the top four degrees with the most opportunity for employment for at least the next decade.

1) Health Care Degrees

Health care reform and aging baby boomers point toward an increased need for health care professionals in the coming years. The reforms will create new jobs, and the baby boomers will increase demand. Experts say that one way hospitals will attempt to cut costs is to limit the number of doctors they employ and increase the number of assistants.

Average Salaries

Medical Assistant - $28,300 Medical Records and Health Information Technologies - $30,610 Registered Nurse - $62,450

2) Business Degrees

Business practices are always changing, and signs point towards business degrees leading to job security and lucrative degrees. The Department of Labor predicted an 83% increase in employment opportunities in business, so it's an option worth considering.

Average Salaries

Accountant - $59,430 Management Analyst - $73,570 Financial Manager - $99,330

3) Education Degrees

If you've ever had doubts about becoming an educator, remember that statistics provided by the Department of Labor say that educational services is the second largest industry in the United States. With population growth expected for the next decade, these positions will be in-demand to handle an increased burden.

Average Salaries

Public School Teacher - $47,100 - $51,180 Dean of Students - $88,280 High School Principal - $97,486

4) Technology Degrees

The tech industry is steadily on the rise and job opportunities are expected to grow. The greatest opportunities are focused around information technology and computing; a Georgetown report predicted 700,000 new jobs will appear in the next eight years.

Average Salaries

Network Administrator - $66,310 Computer Scientist - $97,970 Information Systems Manager - $112,210

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