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Some of the best jobs out there require many years of education and training. If you're worried about your chosen field shrinking by the time you're ready, consider some of the fastest growing jobs out there. These fields are experiencing an increasing need for qualified professionals and aren't showing signs of slowing down. Take a look at some of the fastest growing jobs between 2012 and 2022 from CNN Money's list of the top 10 fastest growing jobs.

1. Info Assurance Analyst – Modern business relies heavily on digital infrastructure, and protecting it isn't easy. Info assurance analysts devise ways to easily deliver the right data to the right people while warding off would-be intruders. The job is highly technical and requires problem solving and creative thinking. Average Salary: $96,400 10-Year Job Growth: 37%

2. IT Security Consultant – Data is one of the most important assets a business has, so protecting it is usually a top priority. IT security consultants specialize in monitoring and analyzing a company's digital networks to shore up and maintain their integrity. Average Salary: $110,000 10-Year Job Growth: 37%

3. Hand Therapist – Much of the working world relies on hands. Whether it's typing, moving heavy items, or working a register, fine motor movements in the hands is usually a requirement. Hand therapists are professionals who have years of training and expertise under their belt. They know the ins and outs of what causes hands pain and how to heal them back to full functionality. Average Salary: $83,000 10-Year Job Growth: 36%

4. Lead Physical Therapist – Lead physical therapists are usually in charge of physical therapy in an entire hospital or medical center. They create and explain treatment plans, and oversee a team of physical therapists. They work with other medical personnel in the their buildings to enact their regimens. Average Salary: $84,700 10-Year Job Growth: 36%

5. Product Analyst – Product analysts specialize in understanding products on the market. They test them, analyze them, and come up with ways to improve them. The job varies depending on the industry. Average Salary: $67,800 10-Year Job Growth: 32%

6. Product Marketing Specialists – Product marketing specialists are in charge of marketing products. They work with one or more products, develop marketing plans, and overseen their implementation. These plans must fall in line with the company's message, and appeal to their target audience. Average Salary: $67,600 10-Year Job Growth: 32%

7. Research Analyst – Research analysts, in a broad sense, do just what their title suggests: research and analyze. However, the methods they implement vary by industry and are usually very technical. Research analysts are comfortable with numbers, and are able to process raw data to create well-informed reports. Average Salary: $64,400 10-Year Job Growth: 32%

8. Marketing Consultant – If a company has a great product but no idea how to tell people about it, marketing consultants step in to help. The take a product and come up with a marketing plan for it. This includes branding and attracting the company's target demographic. Average Salary: $90,700 10-Year Job Growth: 32%

9. Content Strategist – Content strategists specialize in guiding a company's online content. They use mixed media to present the right message and generate interest. While many online news outlets or e-zines require this type of work, may other companies need content strategists to impact specific online communities. Average Salary: $80,000 10-Year Job Growth: 32%

10. Laboratory Supervisor – Laboratory supervisors are usually experienced scientists who take charge of an entire laboratory's operations. They oversee personnel, quality assurance, as well as the collecting and analyzing of lab results. Average Salary: $66,900 10-Year Job Growth: 30%

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