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Remember the summer of your youth spent earning cash working at your local amusement park, or mowing lawns for your neighbors? Maybe you worked in a retail store for a little extra cash so you could hit the mall with your friends. Well, since the recession has claimed several jobs this year, many adults are finding themselves back in those summer jobs they once had as teens.

In fact, with the national unemployment rate reaching 10 percent, summer resorts and other seasonal employers nationwide have an influx of resumes and applications coming in from jobless adults, according to MSNBC.com. And, many of these unemployed workers may find themselves in jobs they thought they'd never have to do again.

"The demographics of this year's summer work force is going to change into more well-educated, semi-retired people in crunches, [or] people happy to be employed," says Patty Ceglio Bishoff, director of operations of Coolworks.com, in the MSNBC.com report.

The flood of over-qualified workers coming into these jobs has been a boon for employers in the resort and recreation industry. These industries will be able to hire workers with a strong work ethic and sense of discipline.

"From the stand point of being able to hire efficiently, hire the right people, it's been the best year in long time," said Ken Smith, director of Cape Cod, Mass.-based Red Jackets to MSNBC.

"I have to force them to take a break," adds Cindy Buziak, owner of holly Beach Hotel in New Jersey in the report.

What's more, many employers plan to expand their amount of new hires to employ more hard-working adults.

Even though a summer job is temporary, it's a great way for transitioning servicemembers to ease back into the civilian workforce. Transitioning, servicemembers, retirees, and veterans already have the strong work ethic and discipline many of these seasonal employers look for.

Additionally, picking up a job such as mowing your neighbors' lawns or providing child care, could turn into an entrepreneurial opportunity to own your own landscaping or day care business.

If you want to find out more about seasonal employment, visit Military.com's Veterans Career Network. You can connect with a veteran who may have contacts in the recreation or resort industry, or get advice on how to make the most of your summer job.

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