Six High Paying Jobs Not Usually Considered

Businesswoman wearing a headset.

Navigating a tough economy isn’t easy, but picking a career path and sticking to it can provide enough focus and drive to mitigate the difficulties. If you’re primarily concerned with financial stability, then check out six high paying jobs not usually considered, inspired by Yahoo! and formatted for you below.

1. Management Consultant – If you know how to take a team of employees and work them into top shape, then  consider becoming a management consultant. These professionals are experts at evaluating how people are managed and suggesting ways to improve communication and performance. This job requires at least a bachelor’s degree in business, accounting, statistics, computer science, and more. But, many companies prefer individuals with a master’s in business administration. Average Salary: $78,600

2. Accountant – Do you enjoy doing your taxes?  Are you up to the challenge of understanding financial laws and applying them to an entire company? Accountants come in a few different flavors, but most are paid well. It can be a tough job if you’re radically opposed to math and learning dry, tedious laws on finance, but the rewards for succeeding are job stability and high i. Most positions require a bachelor’s in accounting, and there are different certifications available which will make you a more marketable candidate. Average Salary: $63,550

3. Registered Nurse – Becoming a nurse isn’t the easiest thing to do; you have to work with the gross functions of the human body, people, and maintain composure in stressful situations. If you’ve served in the military, you most likely fit some of these basic requirements so the next step is to simply obtain the proper education. Keep in mind that these programs can be extremely competitive. It is possible to become a nurse with an associate’s degree in nursing or a bachelor’s in nursing science, but once those are completed you will have to pass a state licensing exam. Average Salary: $65,470

4. Fashion Designer – Fashion designers aren’t just the people who make crazy getups for runway shows: the variety of roles within the industry is broad. Fashion designers may specialize in shoes, pants, or even costumes. Whatever your passion, if it involves clothes then this is a profession to consider. It’s important to note that clothing isn’t just about pop culturel. There is plenty of room for innovative thinkers in terms of traditional style, comfort, and durability. A degree is not required but it will give you critical skills to improve your work. Employers usually rely on an applicant’s portfolio more than anything else when making a hiring decision. Average Salary: $62,860

5. Web Developer – As cell phones and tablets boom and the internet evolves, the need for web developers grows stronger. The U.S. is experiencing a technology boom in regards to how users access and interact with the internet thanks to wearable technology and ever-advancing mobile devices. Web development requires a number of different roles to fill, and each one may have different education requirements. If you have a knack for programming and want to enter a booming industry, get the degree or credentials you need and start reaping the benefits. Average Salary: $62,500

6. Market Research Analyst – Marketing and branding are two of the most powerful tools at the disposal of any company. Understanding trends and the way a targeted audience thinks is key to creating and launching a successful product. If you think you’re talented at knowing what will be big where and when, this is a job that pays well and tends to be in-demand. Analysts can come from a wide range of degrees such as market research, computer science, and even communications. Whatever your degree, the key to obtaining this job is leveraging your expertise towards what a company is looking for. Average Salary: $60,300

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