Military Skills Translator: Marine Electrician

Electrician performing maintenance in a tunnel.

Military Skills Translator: Army Infantryman

If you're a Marine electrician veteran (1141) looking for a job, check out your skills and the civilian jobs they're suited for, based on the Skills Translator.

Marine, 1141, Electrician

One of the biggest barriers to searching for jobs is understanding how the skills you learned in the military translate to the civilian workforce. features a powerful tool that breaks down the unique abilities inherent to any military occupational specialty (MOS) and tells you what keywords and terms to use in your resume, as well as suggested job openings.

Your Skills Breakdown:

  • Blueprints/Technical Diagrams
  • Documenting/Record Keeping
  • Eleectrical Component/Equipment Installation
  • Operational System Testing/Evaluation
  • Repair Malfunctioning Electrical Systems
  • Risk Management
  • Safety and Occupational Health Programs
  • Skill with Hand Tools or Power Tools

Civilian Job Suggestions:

Satellite Technician – Satellites are integral components to the immense, intricate labyrinth of communication society uses to function. Some are small, some are enormous, but each satellite serves as a node in the network. Your experience the military serves as an important first step, but the next thing you need to do is look for either classes or programs that will teach you what you need to know. It shouldn’t take too long to become certified, and if you make connections within the industry you’ll be on your way to employment.

Mechanic – Mechanics come in all shapes and sizes, just like the hardware they operate on. Whether it’s automobiles, planes, trains, or boats, anything with an engine of some sort will require specialized maintenance. The technical knowledge you gained in the military provides a solid foundation for learning the skills you need. If you don’t have any experience under your belt, employment will be hard to come by, but with a few classes and a certification or two, your resume will be much more impressive.

ElectricianElectricians provide a much-needed service, and considering that most properties in the United States require electricity, work won’t be too difficult to come by. Military experience related to this field provides not just the hard skills required to do the job, but the discipline, integrity, and drive to do it right. Many states require potential electrician’s to be certified, if not formally trained, so make sure you understand what the law requires you to do before obtaining employment.

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