9 Careers That Won't Exist


Blame last year's recession or the propagation of the Internet, but certain occupations will no longer be necessary in the next decade. According to Investopedia.com - a Forbes Digital Co. website - most out-dated jobs were not only eliminated for economic or technological reasons, but also because of a move towards conservationism. For example, as companies strive to become more green, there will be fewer positions that require employees to file written documentation or sort papers.


If you're not sure if your job is on its way out, check out Investopedia.com's list of the nine jobs that you won't see in 10 years:


1.) Bank Tellers ¿ As the use of ATMs and online banking continues to increase, the need for tellers decreases, unless there's a need for complex transactions.


2.) File Clerks - Imaging, electronic forms, and improved process efficiency reduced the need to maintain paper files, and the people that manage them. A huge threat to file clerks is the move toward environmental sustainability, which strives to save trees by using less paper.


3.) Telephone Operators - It's rare to call a company and reach a live human. Instead, it's more cost effective for companies to use an automated system that prompts callers to select options to obtain information.


4.) Data Entry Clerks -In order to eliminate human error and streamline processes, more companies forgo data entry personnel in favor of an online system that will aggregate data and share it across programs.


5.) Mail Clerks - E-mails, pre-printed postage stamps, and online mailing services, allow mail clerks to do their job with less people.


6.) Photo Processors - These days people choose to print their photos using self-service kiosks. Photo processors who run machines in retail stores, as well as in processing centers, are becoming obsolete.


7.) Travel Agents - Most if not all travelers use online travel site to book their trips and vacations. Travel agents are only required to book long or complicated trips.


8.) Watch Salesperson- Do you still wear a watch? Most people check their cell phone or other electronic devices for the time. What's more, if you want a watch you can just pick one out for yourself online.


9.) Video Store Clerk - The popularity of streaming videos and Netflix DVDs have rendered video stores and the employees that man them obsolete. And, the closure of Blockbuster Video chains across the country in 2009 left many clerks unemployed.


If your job appeared on this list it may be time to consult a career counselor, or chat with one of the thousands of veterans on Military.com's Veteran Career Network. The VCN connects servicemembers with veterans who can give good intel on military-friendly companies that want to hire you.

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