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This week's hot job: Training and Development Managers


It's one thing to lead others, but training and development managers need to teach while doing it. They don't interact with most employees the way other managers do, but they are responsible for ensuring that everyone in a company is brought up to speed on their given tasks. To be successful at this job, you need to work well others, take on the role of a leader, and be an effective educator. As the head of company-wide training, a training and development manager must understand and respond to the company's needs by balancing a training budget and creating training programs.

According to the Department of Labor, training and development managers "oversee training programs, staff, and budgets. They are responsible for organizing training programs, including creating or selecting course content and materials. Most training takes place in a classroom, computer laboratory, or training facility. But some training is in the form of a video, Web-based program, or self-guided instructional manual. Regardless of how it is conducted, managers must ensure that training content, software, systems, and equipment are appropriate and meaningful."


A bachelor's degree is a must-have to secure this position, but obtaining a master's degree will only help your chances. Degrees in human resources or business administration are the most relevant, but there are other comparable programs to consider. If you have room within a given program, taking classes in behavioral psychology or educational psychology can give you insight into working with others and understanding the learning process.

Marketable Skills

Becoming a training and development manager takes a few years of experience. Job applicants will have a tough time competing against others if they don't have hands-on experience with training and development, human resources, management, or teaching.

Potential applicants can be certified for the position through either the American Society for Training and Development or the International Society for Performance Improvement. These programs offer a wealth of resources to not only learn more about the profession, but network and discover potential job opportunities.


There aren't many communities for this job outside of the ASTD and the ISPI. Aside from the usual types of networking, meeting new people in either program offers you the best chance to gather people, resources, and information about this field.

Helpful Resources

If you're ready to search, check out training and development manager listings on

The American Society for Training and Development

The International Society for Performance Improvement

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