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Based on your feedback, we're launching weekly articles to provide more detailed information on securing some of best jobs out there for veterans, along with a list of four things you need to secure these jobs. This week's hot job: Information Security Analyst.


Information Security Analysts are networking specialists who understand how to protect data. This requires an in-depth knowledge of modern networking techniques, which entails extreme comfort working with computers. The bar to entry isn't extremely high, but if you're trying to enter the field without a wealth of experience with computers, the road can be difficult. Anyone with strong enough analytical skills and enough dedication should be able to succeed.

Part of the job is working with upper management and employees. You'll need to be able to clarify to your bosses how to better secure their networks and disseminate that information to other employees. Communication skills must be polished enough for you to take complex technical information and simplify it for non-tech-savvy people to understand.


Unless you're extremely talented and up-to-date on industry standards, a bachelor's degree is a minimum requirement for almost every company. However, due to the high demands of the job, many companies require a Master of Business Administration in information systems. Applicants need to have an exemplary education in network security as well as business administration. This field is relatively new, so specialized programs are still evolving, but higher education is a must if you want to be a competitive applicant.

Marketable Skills

Similar to becoming a programmer, your education alone may not be enough. Researching the industry in your spare time will give you a much-needed edge in this competitive field. Employers usually look for work experience related the type of information security analysis position you'll be holding, so it's best to choose a specialization and find jobs that relate to it early on in your career. Even though you might not find the top job you're looking for right out of the gate, IT positions can serve as stepping stones.

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