Pros and Cons of Headhunters


Transitioning servicemembers take note: Job searching on your own has its perils. Finding employment alone can be frustrating, stressful, and time-consuming. What's more, some veterans might not know how to approach the job search process. Veterans fed up with job-search roadblocks should consider hiring a headhunter.

A headhunter - or recruiter - can help veterans find employment by assessing a job seeker's skills, past experience and interests. Additionally, a headhunter can streamline the job search process, among other benefits. Here are other pros to hiring a headhunter.


  • Headhunters have access to outstanding jobs, such as project management or manufacturing management.
  • They will prepare you for the job-hunting process by teaching you interview, presentation, and resume-writing skills.
  • They can streamline the hiring process. With one phone call, headhunters can schedule a hiring conference where the candidate will meet with several companies. This is not only convenient but it saves money on travel or other interview expenses.
  • Headhunters can help job seekers determine the best path. They can also help increase confidence during a very stressful time.
  • Recruiters are strong advocates of military officer's skill sets and what those skills can bring to corporate America.

Headhunter's can improve the job search for retirees drastically. However, veterans should be aware of a few drawbacks.

Here are the cons of hiring a headhunter:

  • Most headhunters found veterans standard management positions. A military recruiter might have trouble finding veterans a "creative" job.
  • Some headhunters might only give veterans career advice that applies to corporate America only. It might help to shop around when looking for a recruiter or headhunter.

The way transitioning servicemembers choose to find employment is up to them and results may vary from veteran to veteran. However, hiring a headhunter or recruiter might relieve some of the stress associated with the job market and help veterans find the right job for them faster. Visit's Guide to Military Headhunters for more information.

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