Five High-Paying, Low-Stress Jobs for Veterans

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Following the high-stress, low-paying experience that many veterans had in the military, it's no surprise that you may want to find a low-stress, high-paying civilian job.

Luckily, Business Insider recently released a list of such jobs. The list is based on U.S. Department of Labor, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and O*NET data. Each of the jobs on the list has pay of $70,000 a year or more, and earned a stress rating of 70 or lower (out of 100, where 100 is the most stressful).

Keep in mind that most of these require advanced degrees, so you should brush up on your GI Bill information. For the jobs that require doctoral degrees and more, you'll need the most from the GI Bill and other military education benefits.


An optometrist is the person you see for eye exams and to get prescriptions for glasses or contacts.

  • Stress level: 70
  • Average annual salary: $115,750
  • Education requirements: This job requires a BA, a four-year program to become a doctor of optometry, and a state license.

Art director

These are the people who determine the visual style for movies and television productions, product packaging, newspapers, magazines and more. It can be a fairly diverse job, and often has openings.

  • Stress level: 69
  • Average annual salary: $101,990
  • Education requirements: Unlike the previous job, this occupation often requires only a BA degree (or previous work experience).

Technical writers

This is one of those jobs that always seem to be available in job postings. Search job search engines for "technical writer" and you are bound to find several such positions. As the name implies, they write technical documents, such as operating manuals and instructions, appendices, and even the stickers that go on your computers.

  • Stress level: 69
  • Average annual salary: $73,350
  • Education requirements: A BA degree helps, though work experience can be substituted.

Computer hardware engineer

This job can be fairly broad, but can include researching, designing, developing or testing computer equipment.

  • Stress level: 67
  • Average annual salary: $114,970
  • Education requirements: You will definitely need a BA degree for this one.


Anyone who has considered braces or Invisalign would be familiar with the role of an orthodontist. They deal with dental misalignments and conduct exams in this regard.

  • Stress level: 67
  • Average annual salary: $221,390
  • Education requirements: Bachelor's degree, four-year dental school, and residency training.

To see more high-paying, low stress jobs, you can read the rest of the article at Business Insider.

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