The Best Cities for Service Members and Spouses to Find Jobs

An aerial view of Washington, D.C.
An aerial view of Washington, D.C. (Carolyn Kaster/AP Photo)

Every year, more job seekers flock to large cities in the hopes of finding employment. However, large cities might have lower employment rates than smaller cities.

According to a Forbes report, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago all ranked low on the annual Best 100 Cities to Get a Job List. The reason: Ebb and flow of the local economies, cost of living and median household income negatively affected those cities' standings.

While these large cities languished on this list, smaller, lesser-known cities moved up in the ranks. Most were chosen because of their affordable housing and immense job opportunities, especially for service members and military spouses.

Here is Forbes' list of the top 10 best cities to find a job:

1. Washington, D.C.

Politics isn't the only field this city has to offer. According to Forbes, this city has a burgeoning biotechnology sector. What's more, D.C. has a strong economy. While most cities struggled through the 2001 recession, D.C. survived with barely a scratch.

2. Phoenix

The warm climate and strong local economy are big draws for retiring baby boomers and immigrants.

3. Las Vegas

Expect more growth in "Sin City." Forbes reports that more immigrants will flock to this city for low-skilled jobs, and retirees relocate there for the warm weather.

4. Orlando, Fla.

A boon to the defense industry and tourism helped push this city to the top of the list. And Orlando benefited from the recent growth in the housing market, reports Forbes.

5. Bethesda, Md.

Located on the edge of Washington, D.C., Bethesda reaps all of the capital city's benefits. Several biotechnology firms are located in this city, which also houses the National Institutes of Health.

6. Richmond, Va.

Not ready to relocate to D.C. or Maryland? Try Richmond, Virginia. There are just as many businesses located in Richmond that offer stable employment.

7. Raleigh, N.C.

North Carolina has done a good job leveraging its resources, linking universities to private research firms. Additionally, the city offers cheap housing and beautiful golf courses.

8. Jacksonville, Fla.

Jacksonville doesn't have the same tourist appeal as Orlando, but the city hosts its share of travelers. It is also a center for international trade. And the city is home to companies producing electronics for the defense industry, reports Forbes.

9. Oklahoma City, Okla.

Computer companies, such as Dell, have set up call centers in this city to avoid outsourcing overseas.

10. Virginia Beach, Va.

Virginia Beach's economy relies in large part on trade and the military. Recently, more companies have set up back-office operations in the city, partly to take advantage of the military spouses who are available for part-time work.

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