10 Top Highest Rated Jobs for Millennials

Job search marathon.

Many returning veterans are in their 20's or 30's and part of the Millennial generation. While a lot of good job advice applies to all age groups, some careers are more appealing to younger generations than others. Seattle pi did some digging and found the top 10 rated jobs for millennials. These jobs are varied, but share high satisfaction among younger professionals. There are many ways to think about your job search, but if this is a quality that's most important to you, check out our take on the list.

1. Marketing Manager – Marketing managers are in charge of a company's marketing policies and programs. They typically oversee small teams and make sure that their products are branded and on display in the most cost-efficient and highest-impact way possible. Average Salary – $133,700

2. Software Engineer – Software engineers form the core of software development. Whether developing backend systems or user applications, they first analyze what their target users need. Then they figure out solutions to address those needs and oversee the process of coding and completing the product. Average Salary – $93,350

3. Mechanical Engineer – Mechanical engineering defines a vast range of jobs and proficiencies. Regardless, all mechanical engineers are highly trained specialists with very technical knowledge. Whether they're working on medical equipment or batteries, they analyze, design, and oversee products from concept to production. Average Salary – $80,580

4. Research Associate – Research associates exist in many fields, but generally contribute to scientific research. These individuals assist in collecting and analyzing data, and can use their position as a stepping stone to future careers in various industries. Average Salary – Varies by industry, roughly $40,000

5. Business Analyst – Businesses are complicated endeavors, and it takes professional analysts to look at the big picture and draw actionable conclusions. These professionals can work in a wide variety of industries, but they all strive to optimize the functionality of a company. Average Salary – $60,507

6. Administrative Assistant – Administrative assistants help a company run with day to day tasks. They're experts at keeping each piece linked together by taking calls, arranging meetings, drafting memos, and more. Average Salary – $35,330

7. Lifeguard – It takes physical fitness and a willingness to help others to be a lifeguard. The right training and aptitude can provide veterans with a solid job that provides them with opportunities to stay in shape and help others. Average Salary – $20,890

8. Barista – Baristas are coffee brewing experts. They know the precise techniques and measurements required to create the ultimate beverage. The work tends to provide flexible hours and requires customer service skills. Average Salary – $18,400

9. Data Analyst – Data analysts do just what the title describes: analyze data. They work in a wide range of sectors including financial, sales, and logistics. Their job is to take raw information, analyze it for relevant information, and present it to inform plans and projects. Average Salary – Varies by industry, $60,570 to $74, 350

10. Bartender – The job of a bartender is famously simple: mix and serve drinks while listening to tales of woe from the inebriated. This job requires strong interpersonal skills, and those adept at leveraging them tend to receive larger tips. Average Salary – $18,900

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