Ten Unconventional Jobs With Huge Paydays

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It wasn't long ago that only doctors, lawyers and CEOs earned large salaries. However, there are more surprising occupations in the workforce that have huge paydays. Additionally, the majority of these jobs are perfect for servicemembers and military spouses -- a few are portable and have flexible hours.

Here's a list of the 10 most unconventional jobs -- according to Forbes.com -- that have surprisingly large incomes:

1. Air Traffic Controller -- This job has a high level of stress (which many servicemembers are used to) and requires all new employees to enter a challenging training program. Most of these positions pay close to $100,000.

2. Restaurant Manager -- Higher-end restaurants will pay their managers $100,000 or more if they've got the experience.

3. Pressman -- When magazines and newspapers need to be printed, the pressman pulls the lever. Also known as printing machine operators, pressmen make as much as $32 an hour in some areas, reports Forbes.com. Additionally, wages like this can lead to a six-figure income annually over time.

4. Court Reporter -- It's not the first job you'd think to apply for, but if you can type at least 200 words a minute this could be for you. In some states, court reporters make six figures or more.

5. Mine Manager -- This unconventional profession has an annual median salary of $106,000. Most mine managers must have project management experience, and must be able to enforce safety procedures. A college degree is not always necessary.

6. Professional Coach -- This career has nothing to do with sports. This occupation deals more with helping people deal with their life problems. According to industry estimates, 20 percent of 10,000 coaches make six figures.

7. Sales Person -- Sales people are a unique and tough bunch. A sales person must be able to schmooze with the best of 'em, and be able to take rejection without missing a beat. If you can "sell salt to a slug," you stand to make big bucks.

8. Tech Writer -- Tech writers usually cover high-tech related topics and can demand as much as $50 an hour.

9. Elementary School Principal -- The national median is $76,000 a year, but school principals in higher income areas with large enrollments break the six-figure barrier.

10. Truck Driver -- Wages vary depending on location and seniority, but long haul truckers willing to hit the road for weeks at a time can pull in $100,000 or more a year, plus benefits.

Finding the right job with the right pay is difficult -- especially for servicemembers with more work experience than college. But, these high-paying and unconventional jobs can give servicemembers the challenge and the income they need to be happy in their professions.

If you're interested in learning more about these jobs, visit Military.com's Veteran Career Network to connect with other veterans that might already work in the aforementioned industries. Or, log onto Military.com's Career Center to search for jobs in mining, truck driving or sales.

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