10 Happiest Jobs in the U.S.

IT Jobs

Job satisfaction is hard to come by, and reaching isn't a priority for many professionals. But, the value of a satisfying job shouldn't be undermined by financial concerns past paying your bills. It's one thing to find a job, but feeling satisfied by it is an often overlooked point of concern. USA Today compiled information from CareerBliss about job satisfaction and happiness rankings, and the results are interesting. Most positions lean towards having authority, and many of the following jobs are in a highly technical field like IT. If job satisfaction is your primary concern, check out the 10 happiest jobs in the U.S. below.

1. School Principal – It takes years of hard work to become a school principal, and the job isn't exactly easy. Principal's must be extremely comfortable with working with people, because overseeing an entire school's worth of children and their families requires a lot of face-time. However, despite the difficulties, school principal's report one of the highest job satisfaction rates.

2. Executive Chef – Hard work in the right position can be immensely rewarding. Executive chef's work in a highly competitive atmosphere and organize teams to produce high-quality food. Of course, reaching this point requires a strong interest in food and cooking as well as years of hard work in the profession.

3. Loan Officer – Working as a money expert isn't always the most exciting career, but loan officer's report a high degree of happiness in their work. Loan officers work with and manage potential borrowers for ventures such as buying a car, owning a home, or even starting a business.

4. Automation EngineerAutomated machinery needs to be thought up by someone, and it's usually the job of automation engineers. Production and processing usually require high levels of automation, and automation engineers design, program, simulate, and test hardware to accomplish specific tasks.

5. Research Assistant – Research assistants tend not to make much, but they report some of the highest rates of job happiness. They tend to work on a contract basis with educators at the university level, and it tends to be best suit individuals who are working towards a career in that field.

6. Oracle Database Administrator – Database administrators organize and store data that ranges from low-level bookkeeping to sensitive financial information. Their job is to maintain the integrity of the data as well as the storage mechanism. Oracle database administrators work with an Oracle database.

7. Website Developer – Website development provides an excellent balance between creative and technical skills. As website design evolves, web developers are on the forefront of designing new ways to provide easily navigable and engaging experiences.

8. Business Development Executive – Business executives have a variety of objectives, and the business development executive takes on the responsibility of growing a business. This is done by seeking out new opportunities as well as fostering what's already there. While there's no stringent barrier to entry, reaching this position usually requires a lot of experience in the business world.

9. Senior Software Engineer – On top of a high average salary, senior software engineers often enjoy high work satisfaction. The job is extremely technical and requires exceptional knowledge of different programs and languages. These professionals design, develop, and evaluate software, so expertise is a must-have.

10. Systems Developer – A systems developer handles the computing infrastructure for a company. They produce, install, and implement computers, networks, and programs. Like most IT jobs, it requires highly technical knowledge, so the job is only satisfying if you enjoy this type of work.

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