10 Best Work From Home Jobs

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Servicemembers struggling to find work may have issues with geography – if there aren’t many positions open where you live, it may be difficult or impossible to search in the next city or state over. The growth of the Internet has opened up many possibilities in the job market, andt this problem can be circumvented by stay-at-home jobs. They’ve risen in popularity over the years, and are becoming an increasingly viable option for earning a stable income. If you like the idea of working remotely, check out the following list of the ten best work from home jobs, according to oDesk Trainer.

1. Medical Transcriptionist: Translating the jargon of medical professionals into readable reports is no easy task, and medical transcriptionists get paid well to do it. Typically, transcriptionists work inside hospitals or other medical establishments, but there are work-from-home opportunities within the career field. Individuals best suited for this job should have patience, some medical knowledge, and excellent typing skills.  Average Salary - $32,900

2. Virtual Assistant: There are plenty of professionals in all industries that need help managing their daily activities. Virtual assistants are secretaries of the digital age. While many still work inside offices, it is possible to do the job from home. Attention to detail and excellent time management skills are a must for this position.  Average Salary - $34,660

3. Translator: While many translators work in-person to facilitate everything from important business meetings to personal exchanges, some translators can work remotely. This usually entails translating text or audio, but the work is largely the same. Fluency in another language is an absolute prerequisite, but patience and communication skills are usually required as well.  Average Salary - $43,300

4. Designer/Web Developer: Web designers and developers are highly sought after – creating and maintaining a website is a feat. While some companies employ them in-house, many actually work remotely. Some projects are small enough to tackle single-handedly, but even those that require collaboration can be completed with the numerous, advanced communication methods available through the internet. Average Salary - $75,660

5. Travel Agent: If you know a lot about the different nations of the world, or feel comfortable with your ability to find that information quickly, becoming a travel agent may be the right job for you. Travel agents are tasked with planning out the vacations, business trips, and getaways of anyone who approaches them. They must be able to communicate very well and build long-lasting business relationships. Working online gives travel agents the ability to reach a much wider customer base. Average Salary - $31,870

6. Call Center Representative: Call centers are the locus of support for products and services. The operators who man them are the first line of assistance most customers will interact with, and usually the last. Because these positions only require a telephone line or internet connection, many of them are work-at-home positions. Average Salary - $30,460

7. Technical Support Specialists: Tech support is one of the jobs that helps keep the modern world of business and consumer electronics running. Without specialists trained in troubleshooting technical problems, using modern technology would seem insurmountable. A certain level of tech-savvy is required, as well as customer service skills. Average Salary - $46,260

8. Online Teacher: Whether it’s online or in a classroom, teachers are responsible for educating the youth, and some adults, of the world. Online classrooms are a more popular venue for teaching than they were a few years ago, so it’s becoming a more viable and accepted way of learning. If you’re a teacher who can’t find a job in a classroom, or you want to pick up a job on the side, teaching classes online might just be what you need. Average Salary - $51,380

9. Graphic Designer: Graphic designers are creative individuals who produce art and designs that consumers can easily identify. Whether it’s branding a company or drafting concepts for a new product, graphic designers must have a broad range of abilities and produce quality work on time to be competitive within the industry. Some graphic designer positions are available remotely, so as long as you have the right technology to get your work sent over the internet, this is a strong option to consider. Average Salary - $43,500

10.  Editors: The internet changed the way many editors work – even if an editor is working on a print publication, the majority of the work takes place on a computer and can be accessed and managed remotely. At-home editorial work usually happens for websites and small publications, but some larger companies may be flexible with how much time they require an editor to spend in an office. This job is best suited for individuals who are highly skilled with written work, and are able to produce their own writing if needed. Average Salary - $51,470

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