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For military members who exit the military, whether this is a forced retirement or discharge or out of their own free will, getting into civilian employment can be a struggle. Not only may it be hard to find a job in the area they reside, but they may be having trouble getting a company to hire them due to not having any other work experience besides the military.

The good news is that many companies are looking to those who were once in the military. They find that veterans are devoted to the company, have a strong work ethic and are the type of person they want representing them with the consumer market. The main problem veterans have is finding employers who are considered "military friendly."

What Is a "Military Friendly" Company?

Though all companies are going to hire military veterans if the person qualifies, several companies are specific about hiring vets; for example, a company that gives a veteran priority over a regular civilian for the job. These companies are what many refer to as being "military friendly." These companies may also want to ensure that they reach a certain percentage of their employees who are veterans; hence, it makes it easier for the veteran to get employment with this company.

How to Find Military Friendly Companies

The main problem that vets have is finding those companies that are supposed to be more "military friendly." There are several resources at veterans' disposal that they can utilize:

  1. Vet Central: This is a website that keeps an updated list of all the companies nationally that cater to hiring veterans. The list usually contains those companies that are known throughout the country, which may or may not fit your location. A few examples of companies on this list include PayPal, Labcorp, ESPN Inc., and the like.
  2. Victory Media includes a list of the Top 100 military friendly employers each year that can be accessed via this link. These are usually national companies, but you may find a branch that is near your location that would be interested in hiring you. The list also includes just how many veterans have been hired by these companies since 9/11. Some of the companies listed include USAA, Union Pacific Railroad, J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc. and Allied Universal Security Services.
  3. Veteran Recruiting is a great website for finding job fairs that may be taking place and are just for veterans. For example, virtual job fairs take place several times annually; they can put you into contact with those companies looking to specifically hire veterans.

What to Watch Out For

Though there are tons of companies out there who are more than willing to hire vets, when looking for military friendly employers, there are several websites and people who are looking to take advantage of these vets. Remember:

  • Never pay for information about jobs that are just for veterans. There are several websites out there that require a person to be a member, but in most cases, you can find this information for free.
  • Do not give out financial information to these websites if they were to call you and state that they have you a job.
  • Only deal directly with the company you are interested in, as this is going to decrease the chances of your being harmed by third parties.

Finding "military friendly" companies to hire you can be a simple process. It will simply require putting in the time to research what is out there for you to find. It may take time, but it will increase your chances of getting a civilian job faster than if you were to go any other route.

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