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A Veteran’s Advice on Transition to Corporate Life

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Brian Poole gained experience in the U.S. Army in operations management, logistics and human resources – skills, he later realized, that would be valued in a civilian career. Brian now works at Wells Fargo overseeing personal, administrative, military, and FMLA leaves. He offers these tips for other veterans transitioning to the corporate world:

  1. Have an open mind when you make the initial transition to civilian life. You might not get the exact job you want, but it will help build on your background and experiences.
  2. Help prospective employers see the connections between your strengths and their needs by explaining how your military career experience directly relates to the open position.
  3. Don’t have tunnel vision about what you did or what your rank was in the military. Be open to a variety of civilian career opportunities that interest you.

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  4. Focus on your professional development and set career goals for yourself.
  5. Take on new, uncomfortable tasks so you can become better at what you do — both during your service and when you are in a corporate job.

He adds: “For managers, when hiring from the military, use a ‘total person’ approach. Don’t just look at what someone’s job was in the military. Carefully consider candidates’ skills and ability to adapt to change. Keep an open mind, and look for connections.”

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