Michigan Veterans Sought for Dow Chemical Apprenticeship Program

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Interested in working for a multinational chemical corporation? Dow is the second largest chemical manufacturer in the world in terms of revenue, and it’s looking for veterans to help bolster its workforce. According to mLive, Dow is inviting veterans to apply for a new apprenticeship program. The program still requires work on part of the veteran, but it can provide extremely valuable job experience and lead to a career with the company.

Recently, Dow officials said "those who have served in the military bring a strong foundation of discipline, commitment and respect to civilian careers," in a company news release.

"We are also thrilled to be including veterans in our next round of recruits, an example of how Dow values the skills that U.S. military veterans bring to the workforce," Johanna Soderstrom, corporate vice president of human relations, said in a statement.

mLive reported that this announcement comes after a successful pilot program run featuring veterans. They trained in roles such as electrical technicians and process technicians in Freeport and Seadrift, Texas and Pittsburg, California. Not only do veterans receive training, they receive monetary compensation that increases for the duration of the program.

Fortunately for many veterans, Dow will not focus solely on Michigan and will soon reach out to Texas and California. The company’s goal is to hire roughly 60 apprentices in 2015 as training chemical process operators, instrumental electrical technicians, and analyzer technicians. This training isn’t completely new, the statement relates that much of it supplements company-sponsored training relating to each of these fields.r

"We are excited to welcome our first apprentices to the Dow family and wish them success throughout their apprenticeship and future," Soderstrom's statement continued.

Transitioning home can be a bewildering experience, especially if you don’t have any direction in securing work. Programs like this, however, allow for excellent training opportunities as well as potential advancement as an employee. Any veteran who can’t find work and has at least a slight technical inclination may find success with apprenticeship programs and internships similar to this one.

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