National Guard Career Center Opens in Time for 378th Birthday

National Guard and the Enlisted Association of the National Guard launched the new National Guard Career Center (NGCC) to celebrate the birthday of the National Guard.

The National Guard Career Center has several transition assistance and job-seeking tools designed to help members and veterans of the National Guard find employment opportunities.

The site features the award-winning Military Skills Translator, career and transition advice, resume and job search tips, career fair listings and other resources to help guardsmen throughout their transition.

Frequent mobilization and deployments put members of the National Guard in the unique situation of facing several transitions throughout their career. This means that members of the National Guard need employment tools to help them meld their civilian and military skills and experience and show them job openings, based on their unique work experience.

The Military Skills Translator, powered by, is essential to the new National Guard Career Center. Unlike other military skills translators and job search tools, the NGCC skills translator enables a guardsman to search for jobs by using a combination of their civilian skills, education and military experience to find the job openings that match their specific profile.

While National Guard and Reserve veterans have a lower unemployment rate overall, they tend to have to look for work more frequently and face a bias from employers who fear they will be called up regularly for deployments. While being deployed also interrupts a National Guardsman or reservist's civilian career progression, some find it is easier to leave their old job after a long deployment and start over.

The NGCC is designed to help members meet these challenges with a modern set of tools to address the unique situations Guard members face when it comes to employment and transition.

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