Ten Hot Management Jobs in 2013

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With the presidential election come and gone, CEOs have a better understanding of what the next four years are going to bring in economic terms. New reforms and market shifts are pointing towards job opportunities at the management level, reports Fortune magazine. Areas such as healthcare and information technology are predicted to open up with new jobs, so now is the time to look out for these ten in-demand management positions:

1. Chief operations and integration officer – The COO coordinates all the working parts of a hospital. Tasked with conducting employees, external programs, and reporting to executives, the COO must handle a broad set of tasks. Average Salary: $150,000

2. Chief business officer – A CBO is one of the highest level executives at an academic institution. They usually oversee budgeting, human resources, facilities, and more. Average Salary: $78,000

3. Vice president of market access – The VP of market access is responsible for planning the means in which products reach consumers whether it be simple marketing or product redesigns. Average Salary: $104,000

4. Compliance manager – Responsible for ensuring that a company follows laws and regulations, compliance managers must be meticulous and proactive. Average Salary: $60,000

5. Chief risk officer – The chief risk officer manages multiple varieties of risk such as operational hazards, company direction, and market integrity. Average Salary: $74,000

6. Emerging payments officer – Emerging payments officers look at consumer spending methods and derive long term strategies for financial institutions. Average Salary: $67,000

7. Vice president of digital marketing – The internet is constantly evolving, and a vice president of digital marketing must devise strategies to market products on all digital fronts. Average Salary: $78,000

8. Consumer internet chief – A consumer internet chief is responsible for managing a company's digital presence in terms of creating content, design, and more. Average Salary: $92,000

9: Head of analytics – Without a head of analytics, companies wouldn't be able to make heads or tails of the vast amounts of data they generate. This position requires individuals to understand large amounts of information and present it to others. Average Salary: $99,000

10: Vice president, cloud services – Cloud computing demands new tech-savvy managers, and the vice president of cloud services the one who ensures a company's cloud systems operate to standard. Average Salary: $120,000

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