This On-Base Department of Labor Program Offers Job Search Help Outside of TAP Classes

(U.S. Department of Labor)

Some of the biggest criticisms of mandatory Transition Assistance Program (TAP) classes offered on military installations is that they are too short and offer too much information in that short amount of time. TAP instructors do what they can to help, but the curriculum is out of their control, and that criticism is not unfounded.

Service members looking to transition from the military and their spouses have options, located on many military bases that can extend the job search help offered by TAP classes. The Department of Labor offers its Employment Navigator & Partnership Pilot (ENPP) at 24 military bases worldwide across four branches of the military.

Like many TAP classes, ENPP curates resources for separating military members and families. Unlike TAP classes, ENPP doesn’t limit its availability to military personnel after their class time ends. ENPP will provide troops with a trained and experienced employment counselor who will provide one-on-one guidance as an adviser.

The personal adviser will help identify what skills and credentials the military member can bring to the job search. With those assessed, they help the member look for high-demand occupations and help explore what options are available to them, given the resources and benefits they’ve earned. They will then connect the members to resources and partners ENPP has cultivated since November 2021.

Through these partnerships, ENPP can connect its veterans to industry-recognized apprenticeships, match their skills with potential employers looking for those skills, connect them with mentors in their chosen industries, create a training plan for a desired career, place them in a job or connect them to another partner who can.

Partners to ENPP include Google, LinkedIn, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Hiring Our Heroes program, Veterans Ascend, Veterati and Syracuse University’s Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF).

For a complete list of ENPP offices on installations, visit the Department of Labor’s Employment Navigator & Partnership Pilot website. Those who do not have access to an ENPP office can still use ENPP resources at the website above. To connect with an ENPP Employment Navigator, start by making an appointment. For questions about the program and who’s eligible, email

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