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International SOS Government Services provides specialized, integrated, and innovative services ensuring quality health care outcomes, reducing medical risk for governments, military, and international organizations. Adaptable to any mission/program around the globe, our Government Services include: pre-deployment screening, expeditionary/deployed support, medical assistance, telehealth, medical informatics, patient-centered experience of care, technology-based services, aeromedical evacuation, medical staffing, outsourced medical supply chain management, and military healthcare program administration overseas.

Leveraging our extensive infrastructure and working side-by-side with hundreds of government organizations (including government contractors), our globally integrated solutions and medically led footprint support/supplement a broad range of healthcare needs. Our 24/7 on-demand, comprehensive solutions, utilized by over 750,000 people working in support of governments (including civilians, deployed military, and other government personnel) worldwide, are backed by our global staff of 13,000 medical, security, and logistics experts working from 1,000 locations in 90 countries, offering a rapidly deployable, boots-on-the-ground physical presence with proven in-the-field expertise. Learn more about how our experts protect workers around the globe.

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Led by 13,000 multi-cultural security, medical, logistics and digital experts, we took over three million calls in 2021, helped nearly 200,000 corporate clients’ employees to become healthier and more effective at work and supported 2,600 clients with the ability to locate 5.5 million employees and manage 11.8 million trips via Tracker. Read more about how we assist clients around the world.

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