'SEAL Team': Could You Finish the MRE Cracker Challenge?

SEAL Clay Spenser (Max Theriot) tries to choke down an MRE cracker without having a drink of water. (CBS)

"SEAL Team," midway through its second season, has found its audience on CBS on Wednesday nights and looks like a lock to be renewed for season three.

This week's episode is called "You Only Die Once." Bravo Team sets out on a special ops mission to take down the financier and mastermind behind several terrorist attacks. The episode airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

We've got an exclusive clip from tonight's episode. We're almost 40 episodes into the team's story, and everyone has settled into their roles, so it's time for the characters to have a little fun. In our clip, Sonny Quinn (played by A.J. Buckley) challenges Clay Spenser (Max Thieriot) to choke down an MRE cracker without water while the team is on a mission.

Clay takes the bet and goes to work on the MRE. Things don't really go as he planned.

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