Under the Radar

One of the Navy's Most Important Historic Sites Saved From Destruction

"California Tom Cruise" takes us on a tour of Oceanside, CA's famous "Top Gun" house. (Facebook)

"California Tom Cruise" is a celebrity impersonator who's been taking his Facebook followers on a tour of "Top Gun" movie sites in the SoCal area. He made a stop at the corner of North Pacific Street and Seagaze Drive in Oceanside to visit the house where Maverick had his romantic dinner with Charlie.

Time passes and things change. The entire block is being razed for a new hotel development. Fortunately, the Queen Anne Victorian, known locally as the Graves House, was championed by the Oceanside Historical Society as the "last best" example of a type of home that was popular there in the 1880s.

Charlie and Maverick's love nest is being saved and California Tom Cruise claims the developers will use the home for an ice cream shop in their new resort development.

Check out his video below and give a sign of relief for one of the Navy's most revered historic sites.

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