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War Vet Jean-Claude Van Damme Fights PTSD and MS-13 on the DC Streets

Jean-Claude Van Damme and Nicholas Sean Johnny star in "We Die Young." (Lionsgate)

Jean-Claude Van Damme plays an Afghanistan war veteran who's struggling with PTSD in the new movie "We Die Young," opening in select theaters and On Demand on March 1.

Facing an MS-13 invasion on the streets of our nation's capital, JCVD (called Daniel in the movie) aims to kick drug dealer ass and save the kids in his neighborhood.

We've got an exclusive clip.

You may have noticed that Daniel has been robbed of his speaking voice and now uses a phone app to communicate. He's also battling a drug habit, and it's his young dealer that he aims to save. He's looking for a purpose, and the threat posed by MS-13 thugs fits the bill nicely.

Check out the full trailer below.

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