Under the Radar

Two Veterans Search for the Men Who Saved Their Lives in Vietnam

Ann Curry, Roger Wagner and Dr Meyer Katz on the PBS program "We'll Meet Again." (courtesy of Blink Films/PBS)

Ann Curry's PBS series "We'll Meet Again" returns for a second season with an episode called "Saved in Vietnam." The show premieres on Tuesday, November 13, at 8pm ET (as always with PBS, check local listings).

Roger Wagner was on guard duty when he was struck above the knee by a bullet that tore apart the artery in his left leg. He was facing amputation and his prospects were grim, but a young MASH surgeon named Dr. Katz took a vein from Roger’s right leg and grafted it into the split artery and saved his left leg. Roger has been thinking about that doctor for 50 years and has always wanted to thank him.

Dave Johnson served three tours in Vietnam. On a helicopter reconnaissance mission over Cambodia in July 1972, Dave and five other servicemen were hit by enemy fire and forced to make an emergency landing. They survived the crash, but they were showered with gunfire once on the ground. Chinook helicopter pilot Bruce Grable received the Mayday call and put his life on the line to rescue the men. Dave believes he owes his life to Bruce.

We've got a clip from the program that shows the moment when Roger learns the first name of the doctor who saved his life.

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