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Johnathon Schaech Takes On Bruce Willis and Frank Grillo in 'Reprisal'

A scene from the movie "Reprisal." (Lionsgate)

"Reprisal" (out now on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital) pairs legendary action stars Bruce Willis and Frank Grillo as they team up to take down a brilliant bank robber played by Johnathon Schaech. 

Grillo ("Wolf Warrior 2," "Prison Break," "Captain America: The Winter Soldier") is a mild-mannered bank manager whose world is rocked when a co-worker is killed during a robbery. The Feds send him home and the bank tells him to stay there. As he struggles to make sense of his situation, his retired-cop neighbor (Willis, working in cruise control mode) helps him track down the robber and a showdown ensues.

Schaech ("Legends of Tomorrow," "Ray Donovan," "Arsenal") is a criminal with an agenda. He's the one seeking reprisal for past wrongs. The actor talks about his role in a bonus clip from the Blu-ray.

"Reprisal" was filmed in Cincinnati and it's nice to see Ohio as the setting for a movie like this instead or Atlanta or Vancouver. 

Grillo rips off Schaech after he follows the thief to a heist. The bad guy takes the family hostage and there's a final showdown downtown, one that includes the always-welcome tough guy actor Wass Stevens in a crucial supporting role.

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