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Watch Bruce Willis Train Chinese Aviators in the WWII Thriller 'Air Strike'

Bruce Willis stars in the WWII thriller "Air Strike." (Lionsgate)

We've got the trailer for Bruce Willis' new World War II thriller, "Air Strike," coming to theaters and on demand on October 26th.

Willis plays a U.S. Army colonel sent to China to train their aviators to battle the Japanese invaders who are bombing the city of Chongqing. One of his trainees is a hotheaded pilot who wants to fly a bomber that he believes can stop the attacks. There's also a team of spies and refugees trying to escape with a war-changing decoder device. Adrien Brody and Rumer Willis (Bruce's daughter) join a mostly Chinese cast.

"Air Strike" is directed by Xiao Feng from a screenplay by Ping Chen and Tie Dong Zhou. Funded mostly by Chinese studios, it's another in a series of recent movies that have attempted to give a different perspective on World War II. 


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