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Two IMAX Favorites Arrive on 4K UHD Home Video

Arches National Park (National Parks Adventure)

If you've visited a museum with an IMAX theater in the last few years, you might have already seen "National Parks Adventure" or "Dream Big: Engineering Our World." Both movies have just been released on 4K UHD home video.

Each movie is about 45 minutes long, designed to fit the attention spans of restless families and give everyone a chance to rest their feet when they've been traipsing around the National Mall or similar tourist sites.

That length gave Shout Factory the chance to maximize the options on this home video release. The 4K disc includes both UHD and regular 4K versions of the film and the Blu-ray disc includes both 3D and 2D versions. There are downloadable digital copies of each film included (both HD and SD).

These are flawless conversions from IMAX and they're perfect for justifying that HDR TV upgrade to your skeptical partner. Who doesn't like to look at some of America's most treasured natural assets (along with some of the world's most amazing engineering feats)? Both films look amazing.

"National Parks Adventure" is narrated by Robert Redford and gives an overview of the history of the parks system. But the real point here is the spectacular landscapes. If you're looking for a way to convince the kids to put down their devices and get out into nature, this film makes a great case for the outdoor life.

"Dream Big: Engineering Our World" is narrated by Jeff Bridges and features innovative building and design projects from around the world. It's less a visual travelogue than an extended advertisement for the engineering profession, designed to get kids visiting a museum's IMAX theater interested in taking STEM classes when they get back to school.

Both movies are family-friendly, just long enough to let the kids feel like they had movie night but short enough that you can play a game after (or pack them off to bed early and enjoy the extra evening hour.)

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