Revolutionary War History From a (Gin-Soaked) Angry Staff Officer


The Angry Staff Officer doesn't want anyone to know his identity but he's an engineer officer in the Army National Guard with an enlisted infantry background. 

Or at least that's what he's convinced everyone at Task & Purpose, where he's written some hilarious posts. Actually, those guys at T&P do their homework and anyone who's read his work would have a hard time believing that he's not the real deal.


He's got a blog (The Angry Staff Officer) and one of Twitter's most wickedly funny accounts as @pptsapper

In fact, his tweets may be his finest work. A few weeks back, Angry Staff Officer had a few belts of gin and decided to tell his Twitter followers the story of the Revolutionary War's Battle of Bunker Hill in his own particular idiom. Learn the history of the battle that truly started the war for independence below.

SNOWFLAKE WARNING: Like war itself, these tweets are bloody and profane. We've blurred out some of the words that scare our most delicate readers but you're either down with his irreverent attitude or you should turn back now.

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