William Wallace Leads the Resistance in 'Braveheart,' Now Reissued in 4K

Braveheart Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson stars in "Braveheart." (Paramount Pictures)

"Braveheart" is yet another classic war movie that's gotten a 4K Ultra HD upgrade and the 1996 Best Picture Oscar winner is available now in a spectacular new reissue.

If you've spent the last twenty years watching the edited version of "Braveheart" play on basic cable networks, you probably forgot just how bloody the movie really is. After a few years of exile from Hollywood, Mel Gibson reminded everyone what a visceral and exciting filmmaker he could be with 2016's "Hacksaw Ridge." "Braveheart" features just as much gore and some of the greatest sword-and-spear combat in Hollywood history.

Scottish resistance to Edward Longshanks, King of England. The story of the real William Wallace has become the myth of William Wallace in Scotland's history: what he stands for is more important than the details of verifiable history.

Screenwriter Randall Wallace (who later wrote and directed "We Were Soldiers" for Gibson) freely combines myth and reality and works out a few story kinks on his own to create a fictionalized version of the Wallace story. The screenplay is so compelling that the movie version has become the Wallace history that everyone remembers.

"Braveheart" is yet another war movie that shines in a 4K UHD upgrade. If you've invested in the gear for home theater, this is a title that's worthy of an upgrade, even if you've already bought it on VHS, DVD, HD-DVDÂ andBlu-ray.

There's a ton of extras brought over from earlier DVD and Blu-ray issues that appear on a Blu-ray bonus disk, including a "Battlefields of the Scottish Rebellion" interactive map that works like a CD-ROM disk from the 1990s.


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