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Wedding Crisis: Should Capt. Harry Ditch the Beard & Wear His Uniform?

Hey, Harry! Beard and uniform at the same time: not cool.

Captain Harry Wales (that's his military name), founder of the wounded warrior Invictus Games, is getting hitched this weekend to American actress Meghan Markle. Like most events covered by the London tabloids, there's a crisis brewing: will the British prince will wear his Royal Horse Guards uniform to the wedding?

A reminder: we fought (and won) a war so that Americans didn't have to respect the (alleged) divine right of kings. Those sacrifices don't seem to mean much to a U.S. media that goes crazy every time a royal gets married or has a baby. Now that Harry is upgrading the family genetic stock by marrying a real American, the coverage is out of this world.

If you choose to ignore the wedding, you have our full support. If you're interested in the crisis, read on.

There's a lot of speculation about the dress the bride will be wearing and everyone seems breathless about the big reveal. That interest has spilled over to the groom: even though he's no longer actively serving in the U.K. military, he would normally have the privilege of wearing his dress uniform at his wedding. Harry spent 10 years as part of the Army’s Household Cavalry’s Blues and Royals.

There's a problem, though, Harry's got a furry beard. 

British military tradition does not permit beards. Harry has worn his uniform with his beard before and it did not go over well. Also, his grandmother reportedly hates the beard and thinks he should shave it now that he's no longer deployed.

Saturday's the big day. Will he honor his military service, shave the beard and wear the uniform? Will he invoke royal privilege, keep the beard, wear the uniform and dare the British people to start a revolution? Or will he keep the beard and wear civilian formalwear?

Should the U.K. military accept reality and admit that beards are back in fashion? Should Prince Harry submit to the same rules and traditions that govern every other British military veteran? Or should we all ignore the royals and concentrate on being Real Americans? Let us know in the comments!


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