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Jurnee's End: Milspouse Eliminated from 'American Idol'


18-year-old military spouse Jurnee saw her "American Idol" run come to an end after she was eliminated during the show's Prince week. She opened the show with a winning performance of the Purple One's #1 hit "Kiss."

The good news for Jurnee is that Ryan Seacrest announced that everyone from the Top 7 will be performing on the "American Idol" tour this summer. So, while her role in the competition may be over, her fans can see her live.

The one-night-per-week Idol format seems to have severely limited the ability of a performer to impress viewers and earn the votes cast after each week's show is over. It's about winning fans early on and hoping they show up to vote each week. Simon would have never stood for this. It's no way to run a singing competition.

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Each performer also performed a song from the year they were born and Jurnee chose Brian McKnight's "Back at One," which she also revealed was her parents' wedding song.

While she waits for her wife Ashley to complete her deployment to Afghanistan, Jurnee will at least have a tour to rehearse and perform and a career to plan. 

Should Jurnee have made the Top 5? Did you vote for her? Does the old show biz myth that being married hurts your appeal to the kids apply here? Let us know what you think! 


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