Veteran Korey Rowe Shows the Reality of PTSD in 'Mile Marker'


Korey Rowe is a two-tour veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and his experiences during and after combat inspired his new movie "Mile Marker." The movie will be available via iTunes on May 22 and, in memory of the 22 veterans who commit suicide each day, the filmmakers will donate 22% of all gross receipts to the organizations who have partnered with the film to help spread its message. You can preorder the movie at this link and check out the trailer below.

    In the movie, Korey travels 7,000 miles across the US to interview veterans who are currently struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He checks in with battle buddies from 15 years ago and interviews psychologists and specialists from the National Center for PTSD in White River Junction, VT.

    "Mile Marker" is a truly independent film. Korey lit every interview, monitored audio, pulled focus, interviewed each subject, edited the entire film and secured distribution on his own, ran all equipment maintenance, and drove every mile of the trip without a support staff on a minimal budget. Inspired by the PTSD-related death of his former battle buddy Jesse Snider, Rowe used the experience to propel him on his own road to recovery.

    The HD version of the film costs $9.99 and the SD version costs $9.99. You can see the partners who will receive a share of the 22% donation in the image below.


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